Thursday, December 6, 2007

Why Not Disco

The Why Not Disco is one of the premier night spots on the Boulevard in Dumaguete. It has existed in one form or another for longer than most of the other night spots in town. In reality, the Why Not is comprised of several businesses under one common name. There is a European style delicatessen, an upscale but informal restaurant, a cyber café, Laser Karaoke, and my favorite, the outdoor cafe where one can sit and watch the Boulevard street scene.
The disco is open every night of the week. The Why Not features a live band on Wednesdays with a cover charge. On Fridays and Saturdays there are also cover charges for entering the disco. These are all consumable. In other words, depending on the night you may get one or two drinks included with your entrance fee. On the remaining week nights the disco is free to enter. The drinks are moderately priced by Western standards, about 40 Pesos for a local beer. One rather interesting and puzzling rule is on those nights that they have someone at the door; you may not wear flip flop thong type sandals. However, sandals considered “fashion” wear with over the foot style are allowed. It makes little sense, but it’s the Philippines, so be advised, the shoe police will nab you.
The Why Not is a large venue with two bars, ample seating for over 100 people, and a very good light and sound system. One large screen TV and several smaller ones constantly run movies throughout the evening, in case you get bored I suppose. There are also three large 8’ pool tables for those who like to play billiards. 8 Ball is the game of choice here, and the rules are winner keeps the table. So if you want to play, you simply put your name on a chalk board. When your turn comes you get to play the winner of the last game.
The Why Not is haven for all things Dumaguete. It is a pick up place for singles, as well as a place where adult families and couples can go as well. Since there are three major colleges here, and several smaller ones, there are often many students frequenting the Disco.
If you like to dance, people watch, or listen to the music, the Why Not offers all three at a level unmatched by other venues in Dumaguete. If you plan to visit Dumaguete, the Why Not will certainly be on your list of things to do. It is an eclectic mix of typical Philippine night life, all in one place.


E said...

Why Not Disco is an offense to the town of Dumaguete and they engage in criminal activity. They are a host to underage prostitutes who pick up old pedophiles. I know two such girls, one 15 years old and the other 17 years old, and they are at Why Not Disco every night hooking customers for sex. The management and owner are well aware and encourage them. The 17 year old girl has a dangerous, incurable, and contagious venereal disease and she does not care whatsoever if she spreads it to other people.

RHB said...

and you know this because.... maybe you picked her up?
this is well known, for at least the past 10 years. If it offends you stay away from almost every city, bikini bar, disco in the Philippines.
this is not Disneyland. It is a land of extremely poor desperate people and a surplus of dirty old men with money.

Michael Coury said...

Does anyone have a comment or review newer that 7-8 years. Someone needs to update this sight. 10 year old reviews are a joke!

RHB said...

This my blog it has been inactive for about 10 years, I don't maintain it any more consider all info rather outdated.