Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finding a Rental House in Dumaguete

Many expats assume in order to find that ideal rental house in Dumaguete, contacting an agent or looking in a newspaper listing is the way to success. In reality, the best way is to travel around the city on a motorcycle or car, and simply look, talk to people, and ask other expats.

There are some agents that will be happy to help you. However their commissions are steep, and the listings can be overpriced. One thing that you will notice is that almost everyone is a sales agent for property. But if you want to rent your sources for information are more limited.

The real key is to network. If you are new to Dumaguete, obviously that will be hard to do at first. The Why Not has a bulletin board of properties for sale or rent, and many foreigners are congregating there as well. If you visit a few cafes on the Boulevard and start conversations you will no doubt hear of some opportunities.

Take time to get a feel for the average rental prices in the area that you select. Prices sometimes range from cheap to exorbitant for similar properties. As a foreigner you will often be taken advantage of, know the value of the property before you enter an agreement. It is easy to pay too much.

After renting a first house on the recommendation of a friend who lives here, I have found some very nice properties by simply just riding around on my motorcycle and looking for signs. It is amazing what you might find. How about a beach front two story house with private beach, cabana, outside barbecue enclosure for 15,000 Pesos a month? This is one I just happened across recently. I am not a beach dweller, but someone will have a super deal when they rent that place.

The more time you can afford to look, the better chances you have of locating that ideal house. another source are the local forums. is a wonderful resource for many things an expat new to Dumaguete might need.

When you find that seemingly ideal location, observe the neighbors. Do they keep a lot of fighting cocks tied up outside? They will crow beginning about 3 AM. are there lots of stray dogs or dogs on chains? they will bark in succession if one is startled, for minutes on end. Avoiding the chickens is nearly impossible, but watch out for large numbers near by your house.

Everyone has their own idea of security. Make sure you are comfortable with the security measures around the rental property. Usually a concrete wall with lockable gate and metal grilling on the windows is standard. Look for screens on the windows, and ask about the water supply. Believe it or not some outlying areas of the city turn off the water at 10PM until 5 AM.

Be patient, and persistent and you will have ample choices from which to select. If you can afford not to be in a rush, all the better.


yellyfish said...

Hi John. This is really good support for people just entering the Philippines.
Seems you have quite some expertise with making websites ?
Maybe you could help a bit since I need to make one for renting our bungalow.
John Kreemers (jellyfish)

Greg Success said...

Totally agree with you that the more time you can afford to look, the better chances you have of locating that ideal house. This is now what I am doing, searching for the best Makati house for rent out there!