Thursday, December 6, 2007

Malatapay Market

The Market at Malatapay just south of Dauin is a weekly Wednesday happening. This is a very picturesque little hamlet along the National Highway south of Dumaguete about 20 minutes drive. Farmers from the surrounding mountain villiages migrate to Malatapay once a week to sell their produce. Along with the fruits and vegitables you will find a livestock auction with pigs, goats, and chickens among other things. There are native crafts such as straw weaving that rival any I have seen anywhere in the world.

One of the highlights for me is the roasted Lechon Baboy, or roast pig in English. Stuffed with lemon grass and seasonings, the whole pig is slow cooked over an open fire until it is a golden brown color. The resulting meat is deliciously decadent. Not for the dietary concious, it is laced with fat and colesterol. But in the Philippines it is a delicacy none the less. In addition to this, there are small open air eateries along the waterfront serving the Philippine version of Sashimi called Kinilaw. Made with local fresh fish, including yellow fin Tuna, it is safe to eat and uniquly delicious. It has a spicy affect and is very good with the local San Miguel Lager beer.

As you stroll up and down the main road with booths crowded together on both sides, your senses will be stimulated with the sounds, smells, and sights of Philippine native culture at it's best.

Malatapay is the main ocean gateway to Apo Island, one of the premier diving locales in the Philippines. As you look about you will no doubt see folks waiting for the next pump boat leaving for Apo. This is a great way to meet other like minded tourists and expats. Who knows, you might end up in Apo by evening witnessing one of the best sunsets anywhere on earth.


rodel said...

Marami bang mga magagandang tanawin sa Malatapay? Ngayun ko lang kasi narinig ang lugar na yan... Sana maraming mga puno o kahit na anung klasing tanim. Maganda kasi ang tanawin pag may mga puno look green ang sorrounding...

Pero ang nakaagaw pansin sakin when i read your blog eh yung lechon. Nagugutom ako nyan.. Sa cebu marami ding masasarap na lechon. like cnt, cang's, alejos at marami pa. D'best talaga ang cebu pagdating sa lechon. Try lechon cebu

Tyler said...

Lechon ang sarap nyan. Lalo na kung lechon cebu. Crunchy at tasty ang meat. Flavorful talaga ang lechon nila kasi they use native pig. The tender juicy meat which absorbs the aromatic fragrant of herbs and spices (anise, onion, garlic, lemon grass,etc.) stuffed in the pigs belly. Wow ang sarap talaga. Its yummmy.