Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Breadman

For most tourists and visitors, the bread man of Dumaguete is a well kept secret. However, among the long term residents of Dumaguete he is becoming quite well known.

He lives a simple life, getting up at 3AM to begin the daily ritual of baking bread. During the daylight hours he makes his deliveries. He mounts his specially modified motor bike and delivers to communities in the surrounding area. With two large black boxes attached to the rear like saddlebags, he services an area from Dauin south to Sibulan north, and Valencia to the West. Unlike many expats, the Breadman does not live on the beach or in the cool mountains of Valencia, but resides in the back Barangays of Dumaguete. He is living and working among Filipinos, accepting their ways and providing a much sought after service.
Peter is of German origin, from the south of Germany near Stuttgart. With his bright red hair and piercing but sensitive blue eyes he speaks in soft tones. He has lived here in Dumaguete for eight years. Peter is a quiet but engaging man, passionate about his work and willing to sit and talk about his craft. He is quite proud of his special ingredients, including fresh cow’s milk which is almost unheard of in the Philippines. When I ordered one of his Berliners, a German version of the donut, he first produced the pastry wrapped in a plastic bag. Mysteriously, he disappeared to his motorbike and returned with a plastic tub of powdered sugar. As he busily opened the container, Peter explained that the sugar must be placed on top at the last possible moment before eating.
The Bread man’s products are available at many of the local resorts, restaurants and boutique delicatessens, but he mostly remains invisible. If you are lucky enough to meet him and sample his incredible breads first hand, you will be the better for it.

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