Friday, April 11, 2008

Rizal Boulevard Dumaguete

The Boulevard, as it is called here in Dumaguete, is the social and entertainment district in town. All visitors eventually gravitate here as it has some of the most popular restaurants, discos, and lodging establishments in Dumaguete. The very well known Why Not disco is the hallmark night spot, and a variety of other establishments offer Karaoke, live music, and food in a variety of cuisines.

Historically the port of Dumaguete beckoned both Spanish missionaries, pirates, and traders from throughout the Philippines. Today, the commercial port in Dumaguete brings tourists, freight and travelers from Cebu, Manila, and other cities. Dumaguete's proximity to Apo Island a premier diving destination, and other tourist attractions, make Rizal Boulevard an ever changing collage of people and activities.


unica_hija said...

Rizal blvd. was built during the official term of the architect Daniel Burnham after whom they named the park in Baguio. The city engr. that time was one Blanco after whom E.J. Blanco Rd., Dumaguete is named. You could research on this and blog about it in more detail. Blanco's descendants live in Cebu and Manila.

David said...

Thanks for the short video. When was it taken? I do not believe that I have ever seen the boulevard empty of people.

RHB said...

Yes me too, never saw it so empty. I took the phots at high tide near 12 noon on a very hot day, everyone was hiding in the shade no doubt.