Friday, April 4, 2008

Foreigner in the morning

Woke up this morning about 7:30, it was already warm, the heat of the last few days was building, and even the reciprocating ceiling fan on high did little to quell the heat. I had to use the CR, normally a simple effort get out of bed and walk down the hall open the door and pee. Today Ading anticipated my move, decided she needed to go worse than I, and beat it to the CR ahead of me. OK I thought, I’ll just turn on CNN for a minute to divert my attention from my full bladder long enough for her to vacate the CR. I looked for my glasses put them on, then ambled out to the living room and commenced to turn on the TV. It was so hot; I went over to the room fan to turn it on. It was then that I was reminded of my almost daily mistake; I forgot to inspect my glasses before donning them.

There are these pesky microscopic ants that seem to take delight in crawling on my frames at night, my first clue to my negligence is this movement in my peripheral vision. “What the heck is that” I think, and try sleepily to swat the air before remembering that these guys are running the NASCAR circuit around my glasses frames. Before I get the glasses off to shake the little buggers off, one has escaped into my scalp. Here we go... scratch, itch, scratch, until I am reasonably sure the ant is no longer there. OK, now to turn the fan on.

In the meantime while I was distracted, Ading’s daughter has come from the store where she had a sleep over with her student friends. Ading was out of the CR, and without warning or notice Maean was in to take a shower before darting off to school.

Still had to pee…

I sat and tried to watch a little TV. Now my head itched even though I was reasonably sure there were no more ants on my head, or in my ears for that matter. Maean was out soon enough, and now it was my turn. Ahhh… relief at last. Finished, with a nice cool shower, shave, and now for my ritual first cup of coffee. Got the cup brewing, no sugar. Ading called Carl!. Carl her son was in Siaton overnight, we laughed at her attempt to get the absent Carl to fetch some sugar for us at the store. Coffee without sugar OK no big deal.

As I sat down to sip my bitter brew, both of us were lazy to walk to the store for more sugar. Just then some shouted from outside, It is the world without walls here in the Philippines it’s Hiyo! from down the alley. “Newton is here”. Newton of motorcycle painting fame was waiting for me at the store. Still in my briefs, I set down the cup of coffee, and dressed quickly, then walked to the store.

Newton was dressed in his normal “Newton” attire complete with his trademark fashion glasses. He was repairing something for a friend of his and wanted to know if I had any Cyanoacrylate adhesive. Not surprisingly, I had some in the fridge, hording it as it is scarce in Dumaguete. Newton had already canvassed JT Marketing, but as is typical they don’t have regular stock. Guessing I might have some he stopped by on his way home. We did the deal, and then off he went. Now ten o’clock, still not having finished my coffee, I sat down and got out my computer to start my day. And a wonderful day it was here in Dumaguete surrounded by friends and people I love,

even if they beat me to the CR…

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