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Foundation University

Foundation University was established on July 4, 1949, founded by Dr.Vicente Guzman-Sinco, former president of the University of the Philippines. President Vicente G. Sinco, Ph.D was one time Philippine Comissioner of Foreign Affairs, and a signer of the United Nations Charter. In 1963 Foundation College received international recognition and was invited to become a member of the International Association of Universities. The College was the first institution in the Visayas and Mindanao to receive this honor, and the first institution in the world that was not a full university to become a member of this organization. On January 28, 1969 the Philippine Department of Education granted the College a university charter, thus the institution became Foundation University.

The universities current president, Dr. Mira D. Sinco, wife of the late university President, Leandro G. Sinco, has had a long and distinguished career in the academic world, both in the Philippines and in the United States. She has served as Dean of Student Services at the City College of San Francisco, and as Dean of Admissions at California State University Los Angeles, both in the U.S.A. She is an alumnus of the University of the Philippines and Harvard University.

Foundation Universsity prides itself in its concentration on relavent education. Most of it’s programs are accredited by PAASCU* and by PACU-COA* in the Philippines, or by IAU* internationally. This means that the credits and credentials you earn at Foundation University are transferable and valid for further study anywhere in the world. Working with local employers like Teletech to establish language laboratories to help teach real world skills is one of Foundation Universities hallmarks. Training students to compete internationally in a global market is high on the universities priority list.


Foundation University is dedicated to the quest for excellence in mind, body and character and to the pursuit of truth and freedom.Along with the mission, it envisions the development of each individual so that he can judge, think, and plan for himself, so that he can truly govern himself.The specific objectives that guide Foundation University in fulfilling its mission-vision are the following:

1. To produce persons of sound character and broad culture
2. To develop citizens imbued with spirit of universal brotherhood
3. To train men and women for some definite work or professional career
4. To contribute to the advancement of human knowledge in the search for truth


The extracurricular sports teams are called the Greyhounds, and this lightning fast creature is the symbol for excellence in sports activities at Foundation University. In 2001, Foundation University gained national recognition when our men's volleyball team won the National Beach Volley University Challenge, with the women's team close behind as 1st runner up. Our indoor volleyball teams - men's and women's both - are ranked among top five teams in the Philippines. Our men's basketball team is also among the best, ranking 4th in the UNIGAMES. Our men's soccer team is considered to be a contender for local and national competitions, as is the women's softball team. With our excellent facilities for visiting teams, Foundation has played host to many local, regional and national tournaments each year, including 5th National University Games (UNIGAMES). This event saw 28 of the best colleges and universities in the nation gathered together here at Foundation University for one of the major sporting events of the year.

Foundation University prides itself as a small friendly campus with a concentration on excellence and up to date educational goals. English is the official language of instruction and will be extended to include campus at large activities.
Foundation University also operates Greyhound 101.3 FM a popular radio station in Dumaguete, as part of its mass communications curriculum. The Radio station organizes many promotions and concert events for the community.

Foundation University provides a wide array of student services for its students, please visit their we site for complete information on all that foundation University has to offer.

*PAASCU - Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities*PACU-COA - Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities - Commisssion on Accreditation*IAU - International Association of Universities

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