Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer In Dumaguete

Summer in Dumaguete means going to the beach, driving or riding into the mountains to find a remote water fall or grotto, or simply relaxing at a cafe or music venue on a balmy summer evening. Being a college town, the students set the tone, (those who do not go back to their province).

Silliman beach is a favorite free beach popular among the locals, It is no frills, but offers a taste of the local life. From there you can move north along the coast or south and find a variety of resorts from modest to garandiose. North of Sibulan there is Sea Forest resort. Going south there are many resorts to chose from beach to pool resorts, to scuba diving resorts.
Mountain lovers will love to explore Forest Camp resort, it has water, hiking trails, ATV rentals, and guided mountain trekking.

Evenings will find many students at Garahe, or any other numerous acoustic music venues. Special musical events are numerous often sponsored by San Miguel Breweries. These feature national recording artists, and some excellent bands visit Dumaguete on these occasions.

What ever your pleasure Dumaguete offers the best of summer at a lesurly pace. A great combination of popular culture and natural splendor is available.

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