Friday, May 22, 2009

Casaroro Falls in Valencia

Casaroro Falls in Valencia is only 10 kilometers from Dumaguete. Visitors to Dumaguete often trek to this tourist spot to sample the mountain adventures available in Negros. An hour’s jeepney ride will easily take visitors to this spot. A private van hired for a trip to this tourist spot near Dunaguete is about 1000 pesos ($20.00).

Casaroro Falls is hidden deep in the crevices of the rough Valencia mountains. Casaroro Falls feeds the Banica river from the natural rock basin beneath the waterfalls. This eco tourist spot near Dumaguete originates from a 100-foot high natural spring water source, and is fed by the seasonal rains. The narrow path to the mouth of the falls is one of its unique features, the relatively narrow water flow out of its mouth creates a resounding boom as it hits the rock basin. The loud droning effect is a hypnotizing constant drum beat that makes the environment seem primordial. You can easily imagine yourself in a place untouched by time.

Casaroro Falls features a challenging 350-step climb to the site from the level ground below. The undulating character of the terrain makes this tourist spot near Dumaguete a favorite hiking destination of novice hikers and climbers. Along the climb, sightings of rare birds may provide respite and renewed vigor for the climber, take plenty of bottled water as well!.

Enjoying the waterfalls doesn’t come without first testing the endurance and determination of the visitor, only those with enough perseverance and stamina for the steep climbing get to see this spectacular waterfall near Dumaguete. The 300 plus step concrete staircase is the only link to this tourist spot near Dumaguete.

The Casaroro Falls eco tourism destination near Dumaguete is worth the effort to find it . An adventurous tourist who wants excitement and adventure against a backdrop of rocky mountains and rough terrain will no doubt enjoy this challenge.

Timing your visit is important, during the rainy season the falls are full and spectacular, but it is dangerous to make the trek at this time. Best to wait until after the rainy period and before the summer dry period. this of course varies from year to year. Use common sense as there are no park rangers to save you if you get in trouble. That said there are locals who will be happy to escort you down and back for a small fee.

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