Thursday, March 13, 2008

Taclobo Barangay Choppers

One gets to meet some good folks here in the Philippines. It's even better when through serendipitous events, two or more can be brought together to create something exceptional.

In this case my friend Alan had a motorcycle he recently purchased used transformed into a work of art by another friend, Newton.

Newton has been a motorcycle painter and repair technician for some years. I have known him to be talented and very creative with his work. When Al bought a chopped Chinese 150cc cruiser from another expat, he asked if I knew anyone who might be able to paint it and do some repairs. Newton had great mechanical talents, and could also paint. The plot was hatched.

Afew days later Al and I went to Newton's shop, and as it turned out he wasn't too busy at the moment. He was all ears and very interested in the project.

One thing led to the next and the bike was literally transformed. Pictures will do more to serve the result than words, so here goes. Newton has been excited about the prospects of doing more bikes, so who knows TBC may become a Philippine franchise.

1 comment:

toni said...

i know this guy! and he's one hell of an artist!!! hehe
his talent is not limited on land but also on air and sea!:)

can you post more of his work? he's got lots in his closet...