Friday, March 28, 2008

Pulang Bato

Easter Weekend is a time to go swimming in Dumaguete. Many folks migrate to the beach, others to the swimming pools in nearby resorts. In any event, it is a time for family and renewal. What better way than to take a day off and go swimming?

I like cool temperarures, and Good Friday was blistering hot last week. We had not made reservations at a resort, and did not feel like fighting the crowds at the various beaches, so off to Pulang Bato we went. Where is Pulang Bato you ask? Well it is a little known small series of waterfalls in the moutains on the way to the PNOC Geothermal generating plant in Valencia. Recently upgraded with stone lined natural swimming pools, and a nipa pavilion, it is a small out of the way place you have to just know about.

Pulang Bato is the place of red rocks. The rocks are red stained from all the minerals issuing forth from the shear rock walls on the way up the small paved road to the falls. Many come just to bath in these waters for medicinal reasons. Bamboo tubes protrude from the rocks in certain spots, delivering the healing mineral waters to bathers. Further up the road lies the swimming area and water falls. The entire region is rife with volcanic stem vents and sulfuric mud slides.
To our surprise there were a gathering of students at the main falls, so not wishing to join in drinking with the kids, we ventured up the stone staircase to the upper falls. This tiny pool and personal waterfall was completely deserted. Ading and I enjoyed a refreshing dip and were quickly cooled down to a very comfortable temperature. After an hour or so we ventured back down the road stopping once at one of the mineral water springs so Ading could treat an insect bite. It was a nice quick trip, a good swim, and a pleasant afternoon. By the way they charge 10 Pesos per person to enter.

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