Saturday, July 18, 2009

Siquijor Island

Siquijor, was established in 1783 under the administration of secular clergymen. In the years that followed until 1877, the parishes of Larena (Cano-an), Lazi,Siquijor, (Tigbawan), Siquijor, San Juan (Makalipay), and Maria (Cangmeniac) were founded by priests of the Augustinian.

Siquijor has a reputation for being and island of Black magic and mystery. Even today witch doctors or shaman practice their ancient art. There is a strong belief among many Filipinos in black magic, or as we might refer to them today traditional beliefs in ancient medicine and animism. It is a fact that Imelda Marcos regularly consulted a practitioner of medicine from Siquijor. Whether you believe in these practices or not, Siquijor offers many wonderful things to see and experience. Unbelievably clean waters for scuba diving, first class resorts, and rugged mountain terrain with waterfalls. There are also ancient Spanish missions to visit.

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