Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who is Visiting Dumaguete?

I pulled this interesting statistic from a local news article. It shows quite clearly the trend in tourism and visitors to Dumaguete. A 13% increase in visitors from other countries with Koreans leading 3:1 over Americans, the next highest number of foreign nationals.

"Negros Oriental Alien Control Officer Peter Bueno disclosed that his office collected P13,826,110 (US$307,797) in 2007, almost 14 per cent higher than the 2006 collection of P11,915,029.65.

Bueno said the bulk of the fees collected was from tourists who visited the province last year.

Records show that in 2007, almost 1,000 tourists had visited Negros Oriental, with Koreans topping the list at 330, followed by Americans, 105, British, 46, and Germans, 25, and Japanese, 22.

The Bureau of Immigration is an attached agency of the Department of Justice and collects fees from foreign students, tourists and aliens taking up temporary or permanent residence here."


Dan1658 said...

It seems like a nice place to visit maybe I will get a chance next time I'm in Philippines.

Shim said...

Only 1000 foreign tourists visit Negros Oriental in a whole year? That number seems very small after having spent a few months in Dauin and Dumaguete and seeing how many tourists come through the dive resorts every month. Also, I would have thought that the nationality trend would have leaned towards Swiss/German...

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RHB said...

These are figures from the immigration office in Dumaguete. They are not made up. That said, you can assume that many tourists visit and don't register or stay long enough to show up on the radar. Koreans do make up the largest number of tourists and students Philippine wide, so one might easily assume the Dumaguete figures represent the proportions if not the numbers accurately. Germans and Swiss may think they make up the most, but that perception may be skewed by the fact that several local dive resorts are run by and promoted by Germans.

When you visit Cebu count how many German signs and restaurants you see, then count how many Korean.