Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Colonial Dumaguete Houses

Dumaguete is growing at an ever increasing rate. As one travels the streets and back ways of the city, it is very apparent that change is everywhere. Brightly colored concrete and glass buildings dazzle the eye attracting one's attention to the bussiness or pension house contained there in. If you decide to "see" the old Dumaguete, you now have to look hard for signs of it's colonial past.

It is still there, on a side street or even on the National highway as it routes through town. Sometimes plastered with concealing vinyl banners to lend a garish splash of color to the grey/brown wood underneath. The old colonial style buildings do not stand out, usually drab colorless bare wood etched by years into a uniform grey patina, they are relics fading into dust.

It would be great from a historical viewpoint if a few could be selected, restored and preserved as a connection to Dumaguete's historical roots. There seems to be little interest in anything old here. Dumaguete is plunging headlong into the future, with nary a glance backward.

A few examples on Silliman Universities campus will always remain, and there are some examples of early mansions converted to pension houses along the Boulevard. With those as inspiration, it would be nice to have a few more restored to give some connectedness to Dumaguete's colonial past.

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musings and everyday life said...

i'm not sure but i guess your second photo is that block where we used to buy hot pandesal for one peso. oh how i miss dgte!